Embody Shakti  Devotion, Dance and Desire    Devotion, Dance, and Desire

Dakini Mandala of the Mind
working with Elemental Emotions
3 Day non-residential Workshop 
Samana + Ayurveda Wellness Center
Oakland, Ca
October 16, 17 & 18


October 16, 17 & 18
10am-5pm each day

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Dakini's are the mirror of our minds. They dance in the spaciousness of the sky which is our liberated mind. In these practices we will be working with the Dakini Mandala of Emotions. We encounter these Dakini's through the elements and begin to work with our obstructed emotion with the practice and alchemy. When emotions are liberated we begin to touch the pristine awareness in ourselves and move as the Dakini's do......in freedom and relieved of suffering. We will work through the mandala to understand what emotions are and to transcend reactive patterns of emotion and behavior. 
This work is a very deep and foundational ground for anyone in consciousness work and especially those committing to traditional Tantric sadhanas. This immersion is open to everyone, but highly recommended to have some background in meditation and a sincere interest in a strong committed practice to awakening. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience these ancient and precious practices.
Artwork: Laura Santi
 Nita has received the full transmission and teachings of the Dakini Mandala and is joyfully teaching with permission of her teacher, Yogini adept,  Parvathi Nanda Nath.

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