Embody Shakti  Devotion, Dance and Desire    Devotion, Dance, and Desire

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power  
For Women
4 week series 
Monday evenings Sept. 21-Oct. 12
The Goddess Temple of Orange County

Registration in Advance necessary to attend class. To reserve your space  click here now! 
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The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power
For Women    
8 Week Devotional to Goddess Durga
Tuesday evenings Sept. 22- Nov. 10th
7-10 p.m.
$325 (payment plan available, see below)
Yogaraj, West Los Angeles
This series is open to those who have previously had experience in The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power with Nita Rubio or Vajra Ma.

A devotional is a vow which allows one to begin to interact with life through the "lens" of the particular form of consciousness & power (deity) we are in committed relationship to. We offer ourselves completely through the ecstasy of adoration and receive the fruits of our devotion through union with Her. Goddess Durga is a Fortress of Strength and Compassion.  We are going to specifically beseech Durga to bestow her blessings in our very own bodies to explore the subtle impulses of Strength, Fortitude, Deep Compassion & more.  Every week of this series we will dedicate our practice to Her supported by teachings on Durga and how to bridge these teachings into direct experience. Please do register by Sept. 15th to receive the orientation email with information on how to prepare for this Devotional together.  There will be additional reading & home play in between our class sessions so do consider your time and ability to commit to Yourself, Durga Ma & the circle of Yoginis. 

Registration in advance necessary to attend. To reserve your space  click here now!
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2 payment plan option: 50% deposit now and balance due by Sept. 17th
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* special note to those that want to do the Dance series to Durga Ma as well as the weekend  sadhana Immersion. (see below) .. I am offering a discount of $50 off the combined registration. If you would like to attend both and want to have the discount, please email right away

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power  
For Women
5 week series
Thursdays Sept. 24th- Oct. 22
7-10 p.m.
Yogaraj, West Los Angeles

Registration in advance necessary to reserve your space. To reserve your space  click here now 

Upcoming non-residential workshops and Immersions in Traditional Tantric Sadhana

Dakini Mandala of Mind RedDakini
For Men & Women
October 16, 17 & 18
10-5 p.m.
$275 by Sept. 15th ($300 after)
Oakland, Ca
Samana + Ayurveda Wellness & community

Space limited to 12 practitioners. Register directly with Samana Ayurveda  here now

 Join Nita Rubio for this very special Three Day Workshop, Meditation & Depth Practice. 

Liberate and Transform Emotional Patterns That Are Not Serving You. Deepen Your Spiritual Practice. 

Dakini's are the mirror of our minds. They dance in the spaciousness of the sky which is our liberated mind. For three days will be working with the Dakini Mandala of Emotions. We encounter these Dakini's through the elements and begin to work with our obstructed emotion with the practice and alchemy. 

The elements are: 
Earth- transforming pride and stubbornness into the wisdom of equanimity 
Water- transforming irritation and threat into the wisdom of clarity 
Air- transforming anxiety and criticism into effective action 
Fire- transforming attachment & addiction to passion/compassion 
Space - transforming numbness and ignorance into joy 

When emotions are liberated we begin to touch the pristine awarenesss in ourselves and move as the Dakini's do......in freedom and relieved of suffering. We will work through the mandala to understand what emotions are and to transcend reactive patterns of emotion and behavior. 

This work is a very deep and foundational ground for anyone in consciousness work and especially those committing to traditional Tantric sadhanas. This immersion is open to everyone, but highly recommended to have some background in meditation and a sincere interest in a strong committed practice to awakening. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience these ancient and precious practices. The workshop will be a mixture of lecture, philosophy, practice, meditation and discussion.
You will leave the weekend with a deep and traditional Tantric sadhana fully empowered for a daily practice should you choose. 




Durga Sadhana
Non-residential Immersion 
Traditional Tantric Sadhana 
For men & women
23, 24 & 25
10-5 p.m.
$325 (payment plan  available, see below)
Yogaraj, West Los Angeles

Goddess Durga is the Mother that responds to the sufferings of Her children. A fortress of Shakti, she relieves the difficulties and offers strength, protection and deep compassion. Of course, these can all be conceptual things, so this is what sadhana is for--to enter directly into Her territory with the container of mantra & yantra. One of the translations of sadhana is to "give support". It is the container of mantra, yantra and the proper visualization of Her form and iconography that gives the necessary ground of support to annihilate our deepest obscurations which keep us from this fortress of strength and compassion in ourselves. Durga is the consciousness that organizes the matrix of physical reality to be more congruent with our hearts desire to wake up for ourselves and all sentient beings. We will be meeting for the last days of Her Holy Days of Navaratri! Navaratri is 9 nights dedicated to the Divine Mother and Her victory over that which keeps us from knowing ourselves as Her emanations.

This weekend is an opportunity to sit in traditional tantric sadhana for Goddess Durga. This weekend we will:

~ have teachings on Goddess Durga from the Shakta Tantra orientation
~ be introduced and given transmission of Her mantra.
~ Introduction to Her sadhana as well as ancillary practices to deepen into Her Grace
~ Yoga asana practice taught by Geoffrey Earendil, a crucial support for the subtle body as we work with Durga's energies.
~ Have your seat fully established to be able to enter committed practice after the weekend Immersion.

Nita has received the teaching and transmission from Yogini adept Parvathi Nanda Nath and has been given authorization to pass on and transmit this precious sadhana. This is strong practice and is for those ready to enter into a committed and devotional seat of meditation.

If you have not worked directly with Nita before or attended any of her previous classes, it is necessary to be in contact with Nita first via email. Please email her at embodyshakti@gmail.com

Further info:

~ The weekend can be done long distance via working with MP3 recordings of the weekend's teachings. They will be edited into tracks and sent via Hightail to your inbox. Recordings will be sent within one week after the teachings. Your pre-registration is necessary to be included in the teachings and to receive the transmission long distance. 

~ All registration needs to be in and complete by October 10th, unless it fills sooner. Registration details in box below. 

~ If you have previously received Durga Sadhana from Nita and wish to attend again, you are most welcome at a 30% discount on the fee. Please know that space allowance has to be prioritized for those receiving the sadhana for the first time. Please email Nita if you wish to sit again for the teachings and more details will be given. 

~ discount of $50 off available for those who are attending both The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power Devotional series to Durga Ma. Please email for more information.

If you have studied in person with Nita previously and you are ready to register to reserve your space click here now!
(the paypal link has a $10 paypal fee included, making it a total of $335.00. If you wish to avoid this fee, you can email Nita at embodyshakti@gmail.com to get the snail mail address & you are welcome to mail a check or money order) 

If you have studied with Nita previously and wish to take advantage of 2 payment option click here to reserve your space. Balance will be due by Oct. 10th (the paypal link has a paypal fee included, if you wish to avoid this fee contact Nita for snail mail address)

(there are no refunds or credits after deposit has been submitted)


Class Policies:

Most classes and events are limited in space. You must be registered in advance to attend any class series or event. Your full payment guarantees your spot and advanced notice on any materials needed and other pertinent info.

Due to the nature of limited space, rental policies, etc...there are no make-ups or refunds for any missed classes for any reason. By registering for a class or series you are agreeing to this policy.

For more information or to register for any class or series please contact Nita at embodyshakti@gmail.com

What happens in a Tantric Dance of Feminine Power class series?
  What do we actually do? Who will you be with? I have seen time and time again a circle of women form for each class series that is perfection. Each woman mirroring another in some way. This "mirror" is greatly enhanced as we are with the same women for the 5 weeks of Dance. This creates a container to go deeply into our bodies very quickly and the we get to experience the wonderful mystery of how the individual enhances the collective and the collective enhances the individual experience.

We have times of seated meditations. Times of sharing experience and awareness directly from our bodies. Time to put language to our wisdom of  the subtle energies of our bodies.This can be quite a challenge as we are so used to sharing our "story" rather then speaking from an experience felt in the moment. We have times of individual deep body meditations, as well as collective experience. Each and every experience held in a container of deep devotion to the Goddess until she begins to awaken and permeate the space as an embodied reality and not as an idea or concept. Mysteries happen. Although this is a dance or movement modality, it is a deep exploration of consciousness in our bodies. The Dance is the interaction or communication of this consciousness.

There are times of great ease, flow and bliss. There are also times of challenge as our bodies begin to tap into greater and greater amounts of energy and we learn how to receive this energy/shakti rather than spill it out in habitual leaks of our power. A class series ensures the spaciousness of time to dissolve all the ways in which we may "self-deceive" and really begin to rest in the awakening energies of the Goddess. It can be scary to step into our power! But there is nothing like being in the presence of it in a sacred circle of women!

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